2018. január 15., hétfő

To Mr. Tudose Mihai

To Mr. Tudose Mihai Romania's Prime Minister 

Your Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister!

We have to be thankful for your other day threat, in which you are threatening my fellow Seckler compatriots, who are forced to live under your ruling for the time being, with hanging them up next to the seckler flags that they dare to put out. Well, it's not the idea of hanging us up, that deserves the thankfulness, but the service you have done to re-awaken the Hungarian society in our nationality, Transylvania's revision and about the almost forgotten irredentism, commitment, to protect our seckler brothers, to get some rarely experienced strength and inspiration- from You, Prime Minister of Romania. Because, the secklers are well-meaning and inclined to believe your empty gestures, promises, but they are happy if you don't make up anything new in Bucharest , anything that is unlawful to the core, infamous, but at least is harmful for the Hungarians ( of course, on the long run more for You!). Because even after a hundread year you still dreaded from us, but us on the other hand even after a hundread year won't give up on our lawful, God given properties, the Hungarian Kingdom's properties, the Patrium, and Transylvania off course. What's more! Like a good owner, we are watching Your present destruction, and taking notes as well about everything You are doing agains the seckler people and Transylvania's treasures. Taking notes until God thinks we are worty to get back what is ab ovo ours. After that, based on the list we have we do our accounting! Because that time will come....Mr. Excellency.
For this we need those kind of inspiration, that we got from You, last from You, personally, the Hungarian nation in the wide Carpathian Homeland. Because , take a not of one thing, Excellency! We get stronger and keep together when they want to trample on us, and our nationality gets slackened when we leave in autonomy, freedom and peace, which of course we didn’t experienced since Matthias Corvinus. Nonetheless, I am grateful for your statement, you did a great favor to us by making us, the Hungarian mother land to remember, that it hurts us and is intolerable for us, if someone would want to hung up our seckler brothers. Especially, if anybody from you have this “mischievous act” in mind, after Avram Jancu’s serial killing act or Maniu’s riff-raff killer band, blood thirsty act. Because You already killed and afflicted enough Secklers and Hungarians equally in the past centuries. So, You deserve the Ferenc Gyurcsany award, which I founded in spirit after , our “ Feri” destroyed his own party to help that Hungarian Christian government to power, which after many decades, finally defends and serves the Hungarians interests and Hungarian Nation, you provided spiritual support for this hanging up, unworthy to be a Prime Minister in Europe and discredited the respectable, well meaning and peace requiring Romanian Nations with your announcement, which we hardly ever get, because other countries leaders know what they are talking about.....
I owe you a thank you for improving the Hungarian National togetherness for your re-inventing statement:

Gyorgy Stoffan